Road Runner1 is a wikia user who is the co-founder of this wiki.

Road Runner1
Some attributes
First Nicknames: RR,Road,RR1,Road Runner1
Second Joined wikia: April 19,2014
Third Avatar: Godzilla
Other attributes


I joined on April 19, 2014 after months of being a wikia contributor.I was a contributor from November 2013-April 2014. I had created my account at the Looney Tunes Fanon Wiki after a user named MrJoshbumstead had told me how. After I had my user I joined the SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki,after a day on the wiki I was blocked for two days by a user named 120d. I had also quickly became what he called "rivals" with a user known as Though we had became friends. I also had made friends with users Muchacha , Loopa23 , Goldenburg111 , and Kidsview.After that I had became friends with the co-founder of this wiki Master Bravenwolf.

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