This is my first real wiki. Road Runner1 also helped. WE are the founders. Now rules for chat are profanity is allowed. Sexual harassment, spamming, acting sexual, and just being an asshole is not allowed. You must have 100 edits to be chat mod, 200 to be admin, and 500 to be Bureaucrat. The first 3 people, to join this wiki, will become bureaucrats at 10 edits. The rest will follow rules. No Vandalizing, making fake articles, or being rude to people. We have prank days every first day of the month, were you can make fake pages BUT NOT VANDALIZE EXISTING ARTICLES. You must post these articles on my Message wall so I can delete them later. Finally, have fun! Chill with other users, live chat, and just have fun! See ya!

Master Bravenwolf.

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